You know the time has come for your game to run outside of the Unity Editor. Unity adopts the “Build once, deploy anywhere” strategy, and is currently supporting more than 20 platforms.

Here, the term “Build once” may not be accurate though. We actually have to do a build for…

The Audio File Formats that Unity supports include .aiff, .mp3, .ogg and .wav

Depending on the nature of your audio clips, there are a few common ways to bring them to your game.

Playing Background music:

Simply add an Audio Source Component to an appropriate game object, then associate the…

I have rarely seen any game review that doesn’t comment on the visuals of the game. Lots of gamers are willing to buy expensive graphics cards just for a better game visual experience.

With Unity’s Post Processing, you can apply various effects to your game cameras to achieve better visuals. Let’s see some examples:

Original Visual

It is no secret players love to get powered up in a game. In Shoot-em-up games, for example, this will mean more powerful shot, speed boost, temporary shield, super missiles and any crazier weapons/movement you can think of.

Activating powerup

Powerups are usually activated temporarily when players collect or collide with some…

Yiu Chu

A senior software engineer determined to be one of the industry's best Unity developer in 2D, 3D and VR

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